May 10, 2014

Interior Designer and Project Manager of the North Shore Elder Services Relocation Project

The North Shore Elder Services is being relocated from 152 Sylvan Street, Danvers, MA to 300 Rosewood Drive in Danvers.  The new area consists of 18,575 square feet.  Bill Clark of the Clark Company was the real estate broker responsible for the transaction between two long-term clients over 25 years – North Shore Elder Services and Bridgeton Properties.  Anita Clark Design is the Interior Designer and Project Manager of this relocation, including selection of all Finishes, Furniture and Equipment.  Along with working with the landlord, Bridgeton Properties, Anita Clark Design is working hand in hand with WB Mason on the procurement of all new furniture.

North Shore Elder Services is a private, nonprofit corporation established to provide, develop and plan community-based long-term care services for the elderly, including Home Care Services, Nutrition programs and Protective Services.  Since 1976, NSES has provided services to thousands of people over age 60 in Marblehead, Salem, Peabody, Danvers and Middleton.  They continue to expand its vision to expand their vision beyond home care and nutrition.

The new facility will enable North Shore Elder Services to better serve the elderly citizens and their families residing on the North Shore and expand their services in a larger, more comfortable office space.

The expected completion date of the project will be in late June.  Anita Clark Design is proud to be working on a commercial project of this magnitude.

North Shore Elder Services