Heaven on the Harbor
Completed in January 2016

Anita will never forget the day she received a phone call from this client. She said “Anita, I have heard so much about you and want you to do this project for us.” From the moment she met these clients Anita knew they would have a great working relationship.

After reviewing their initial plans, Anita felt the interior layout of their proposed home had more opportunities than what had been initially drawn by the architect. It was time to initiate one of the most important parts to a successful project, collaboration. At first glance, Anita relocated the dining room in order to maximize one of the most spectacular features of this property, the views of the ocean. The addition of the master suite was redesigned to be more functional for the couple to include a joint walk in shower so they could each have their own separate spaces but share the shower.

Interior space was limited so it was really about how to combine functions that could be used jointly while giving them each their own private bathroom. Now that the interior plans were in place Anita Clark Design assisted with the selection of interior finishes, colors and materials, furnishings which involved refinishing and reupholstering pieces of the client’s current collection along with creating new custom designed and fabricated furnishings, floor coverings, window treatments, lighting, artwork and accessories. The result of this gut remodel and master suite addition is a charming cottage that reflects the homeowner’s style and personal possessions perfectly.

Architect: Robert Zarelli
Interior Designer: Anita Clark Design
Builder: Bruce Paradise of Paradise Construction
Photographer: Kyle J. Caldwell Photography